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An async, synchronized, database-backed Rust job scheduler

This library provides an async job runner, which can run user-defined jobs in an interval, or based on a cron schedule.

Also, the library automatically synchronizes multiple instances of the runner via PostgreSQL. This is important to ensure, that a job is only run once for each interval, or schedule.

A Job in this library can be created by implementing the Job trait. There the user can define a custom run function, which is executed for each interval, or schedule of the job.

This interval, as well as other relevant metadata, needs to be configured using a JobConfig for each job.

Then, once all your jobs are defined, you can create a JobRunner. This is the main mechanism underlying this scheduling library. It will check, at a user-defined interval, if a job needs to run, or not.

This JobRunner is configured using the RunnerConfig, where the user can define database configuration, as well as an initial delay and the interval for checking for job runs.

Once everything is configured, you can run the JobRunner and, if it doesn’t return an error during job validation, it will run forever, scheduling and running your jobs asynchronously using Tokio.


  • Configuration for a job
  • The runner, which holds the jobs and runner configuration
  • Configuration for the woddle job runner.


  • The error type returned by methods in this crate


  • A trait for implementing a woddle job

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