Function wit_bindgen_core::abi::call

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pub fn call(
    resolve: &Resolve,
    variant: AbiVariant,
    lift_lower: LiftLower,
    func: &Function,
    bindgen: &mut impl Bindgen
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Generates an abstract sequence of instructions which represents this function being adapted as an imported function.

The instructions here, when executed, will emulate a language with interface types calling the concrete wasm implementation. The parameters for the returned instruction sequence are the language’s own interface-types parameters. One instruction in the instruction stream will be a Call which represents calling the actual raw wasm function signature.

This function is useful, for example, if you’re building a language generator for WASI bindings. This will document how to translate language-specific values into the wasm types to call a WASI function, and it will also automatically convert the results of the WASI function back to a language-specific value.