Module winreg::transaction

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Structure for a registry transaction. Part of transactions feature.

use std::io;
use winreg::RegKey;
use winreg::enums::*;
use winreg::transaction::Transaction;

fn main() {
    let t = Transaction::new().unwrap();
    let hkcu = RegKey::predef(HKEY_CURRENT_USER);
    let (key, _disp) = hkcu.create_subkey_transacted("Software\\RustTransaction", &t).unwrap();
    key.set_value("TestQWORD", &1234567891011121314u64).unwrap();
    key.set_value("TestDWORD", &1234567890u32).unwrap();

    println!("Commit transaction? [y/N]:");
    let mut input = String::new();
    io::stdin().read_line(&mut input).unwrap();
    input = input.trim_right().to_owned();
    if input == "y" || input == "Y" {
        println!("Transaction committed.");
    else {
        // this is optional, if transaction wasn't committed,
        // it will be rolled back on disposal

        println!("Transaction wasn't committed, it will be rolled back.");