[][src]Struct winit::window::WindowBuilder

pub struct WindowBuilder {
    pub window: WindowAttributes,
    // some fields omitted

Object that allows you to build windows.


window: WindowAttributes

The attributes to use to create the window.


impl WindowBuilder[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Initializes a new WindowBuilder with default values.

pub fn with_inner_size<S: Into<Size>>(self, size: S) -> Self[src]

Requests the window to be of specific dimensions.

See Window::set_inner_size for details.

pub fn with_min_inner_size<S: Into<Size>>(self, min_size: S) -> Self[src]

Sets a minimum dimension size for the window.

See Window::set_min_inner_size for details.

pub fn with_max_inner_size<S: Into<Size>>(self, max_size: S) -> Self[src]

Sets a maximum dimension size for the window.

See Window::set_max_inner_size for details.

pub fn with_resizable(self, resizable: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets whether the window is resizable or not.

See Window::set_resizable for details.

pub fn with_title<T: Into<String>>(self, title: T) -> Self[src]

Requests a specific title for the window.

See Window::set_title for details.

pub fn with_fullscreen(self, fullscreen: Option<Fullscreen>) -> Self[src]

Sets the window fullscreen state.

See Window::set_fullscreen for details.

pub fn with_maximized(self, maximized: bool) -> Self[src]

Requests maximized mode.

See Window::set_maximized for details.

pub fn with_visible(self, visible: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets whether the window will be initially hidden or visible.

See Window::set_visible for details.

pub fn with_transparent(self, transparent: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets whether the background of the window should be transparent.

pub fn with_decorations(self, decorations: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets whether the window should have a border, a title bar, etc.

See Window::set_decorations for details.

pub fn with_always_on_top(self, always_on_top: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets whether or not the window will always be on top of other windows.

See Window::set_always_on_top for details.

pub fn with_window_icon(self, window_icon: Option<Icon>) -> Self[src]

Sets the window icon.

See Window::set_window_icon for details.

pub fn build<T: 'static>(
    window_target: &EventLoopWindowTarget<T>
) -> Result<Window, OsError>

Builds the window.

Possible causes of error include denied permission, incompatible system, and lack of memory.

Platform-specific behavior:

  • Web: The window is created but not inserted into the web page automatically. Please see the web platform module for more information.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for WindowBuilder[src]

impl Debug for WindowBuilder[src]

impl Default for WindowBuilder[src]

impl WindowBuilderExtUnix for WindowBuilder[src]

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