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Calculate Wikipedia prose size

This crate is a rough port of the Wikipedia Prosesize script that allows for counting the bytes of prose on a page rather than the wikitext markup or generated HTML.

You will most likely fetch ImmutableWikicode using the parsoid crate.

The response from prosesize() provides the text-only prose size, word count and text-only references size. Enabling the optional serde-1 feature makes the size struct serializable and deserializable.


wikipedia_prosesize is part of the mwbot-rs project. We’re always looking for new contributors, please reach out if you’re interested!



  • Get a stylesheet for Parsoid HTML that highlights elements counted for prosesize in yellow and references in light blue.
  • Calculate the prose size for the given HTML. Note that if you provide a mutable parsoid::Wikicode instance, the document will be modified!