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An implementation of the Whirlpool cryptographic hash algorithm.

This is the algorithm recommended by NESSIE (New European Schemes for Signatures, Integrity and Encryption; an European research project).

The constants used by Whirlpool were changed twice (2001 and 2003) - this crate only implements the most recent standard. The two older Whirlpool implementations (sometimes called Whirlpool-0 (pre 2001) and Whirlpool-T (pre 2003)) were not used much anyway (both have never been recommended by NESSIE).

For details see http://www.larc.usp.br/~pbarreto/WhirlpoolPage.html.


use whirlpool::{Whirlpool, Digest};
use hex_literal::hex;

// create a hasher object, to use it do not forget to import `Digest` trait
let mut hasher = Whirlpool::new();
// write input message
hasher.update(b"Hello Whirlpool");
// read hash digest (it will consume hasher)
let result = hasher.finalize();

assert_eq!(result[..], hex!("

Also see RustCrypto/hashes readme.


pub use digest;


Core Whirlpool hasher state.


Convinience wrapper trait covering functionality of cryptographic hash functions with fixed output size.

Type Definitions

Whirlpool hasher state.