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wf2 - reliable docker environments

wf2 is a CLI tool for creating reliable, opinionated docker environments for local development.


Express Install

Simply run the following in your terminal

zsh <(curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WeareJH/wf2/master/express-install.sh) && source ~/.zshrc


wf2 is distributed as a single binary with everything packaged inside - this means you do not need PHP or Composer installed on your machine.

  1. Download the latest version from the releases page

  2. Make the file executable: (assuming it downloaded to the Downloads folder)

    chmod +x ~/Downloads/wf2

  3. Move the executable from your Downloads folder to /opt

    sudo mv ~/Downloads/wf2 /opt

    • If "opt" does not exist run the command below

      sudo mkdir /opt

    • Then make sure the permissions are correct on the folder

      sudo chown -R $(whoami) /opt

  4. Add this to the bottom of your zshrc or bash_profile:

    export PATH="$PATH:/opt"

  5. Use the following command to refresh any already open terminals

    source ~/.zshrc

  6. Or for bash users

    source ~/.bash_profile

  7. Type the following command to check all is installed OK:


  8. You should see the same output as below (in features):


For help on the commands available, run the following:

wf2 --help

--help is recipe specific. So if you're in a M2 project, you'll only see commands that are relevant to M2 sites.

If you just want to explore what the the wf2 tool can do in each recipe, just use the --recipe command

# See M2 help
wf2 --recipe M2 --help

# See Wp help
wf2 --recipe Wp --help


Before pushing any code, run the following to ensure you catch problems before they get to CI

bash pre-push.sh



Global commands that can be run independent of any project


Recipes in wf2 define how a particular project will run.