[][src]Crate weighted_random_list

WeightedRandomList enables you to to randomly select elements from your collection while

Example select mirror

In this example we would like to give more traffic/weight to the the system "mirror-fast", less to the slow mirrors and the least to the main archive:

extern crate weighted_random_list;

use weighted_random_list::WeightedRandomList;

fn main() {
    let list = [
        (1, "https://source.example.net/archive"),
        (10, "https://mirror-slow0.example.net/archive"),
        (10, "https://mirror-slow1.example.net/archive"),
        (100, "https://mirror-fast.example.net/archive"),

    let mirrors = list.iter()
            .map(|(weight, url)| (*weight, url.to_string()))

    let random_choice = mirrors.get_random();
    println!("Using {:?} this time", random_choice);



Stores the data and keeps track of the chances. It is built so that you can add and remove elements withouth the need of recalculation.



Update or insert one entry inside the the list.