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Rust-WebSocket is a WebSocket (RFC6455) library written in Rust.

§Synchronous and Asynchronous

This crate has both async and sync implementations of websockets, you are free to choose which one you would like to use by switching on the async or sync features for this crate. By default both are switched on since they do not conflict with each other.

You’ll find many modules with ::sync and ::async submodules that separate these behaviours. Since it gets tedious to add these on when appropriate, a top-level convenience module called websocket::sync and websocket::async has been added that groups all the sync and async stuff, respectively.


To make a client use the ClientBuilder struct, this builder has methods for creating both synchronous and asynchronous clients.


WebSocket servers act similarly to the TcpListener, and listen for connections. See the Server struct documentation for more information. The bind() and bind_secure() functions will bind the server to the given SocketAddr.

§Extending Rust-WebSocket

The ws module contains the traits and functions used by Rust-WebSocket at a lower level. Their usage is explained in the module documentation.



  • A collection of handy asynchronous-only parts of the crate.
  • Build and use asynchronously or synchronous websocket clients.
  • Useful Codec types for asynchronously encoding and decoding messages.
  • Module containing the default implementation of data frames.
  • Structs representing headers relevant in a WebSocket context.
  • Module containing the default implementation for messages.
  • The default implementation of a WebSocket Receiver.
  • The result type used within Rust-WebSocket
  • The default implementation of a WebSocket Sender.
  • Provides an implementation of a WebSocket server
  • Provides the default stream type for WebSocket connections.
  • A collection of handy synchronous-only parts of the crate.
  • A module containing the traits and structs that lower layer of Rust-WebSocket is based on.


  • Represents data contained in a Close message
  • Represents a WebSocket message.