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This crate provides a high-level Rust wrapper for decoding and encoding WebP animations. Underlying WebP format processing is handled by C-based libwebp library by Google, which is interfaced through Rust libwebp-sys2 crate


Have a look at Decoder and Encoder for use-case specific examples.



A decoder for webp animation data

An iterator that produces decoded Frame’s from webp data

An options struct for Decoder

An encoder for creating webp animation

An options struct for Encoder instance

Encoding configuration. Can be set for Encoder globally or per frame

An animation frame containing data and metadata produced by Decoder

Parameters related to lossy compression only

A safe wrapper for WebP bytedata. Consider as &[u8] (implements Deref)


Color Mode that configures the output type of Decoder Frame’s

Encoding type

Error type produced by webp_animation code