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Webauthn-rs - Webauthn for Rust Server Applications

Webauthn is a standard allowing communication between servers, browsers and authenticators to allow strong, passwordless, cryptographic authentication to be performed. Webauthn is able to operate with many authenticator types, such as U2F.

This library aims to provide a secure Webauthn implementation that you can plug into your application, so that you can provide Webauthn to your users.

For examples, see our examples folder.

To use this library yourself, you will want to reference the WebauthnConfig trait to develop site specific policy and configuration, and the Webauthn struct for Webauthn interactions.


pub use crate::core::*;


Attestation information and verifications procedures. This contains a transparent type allowing callbacks to make attestation decisions. See the WebauthnConfig trait for more details.

Base64 data that encodes to Base64 UrlSafe, but can decode from multiple base64 implementations to account for various clients and libraries. Compatible with serde.

Webauthn-rs - Webauthn for Rust Server Applications

Cryptographic operation wrapper for Webauthn. This module exists to allow ease of auditing, safe operation wrappers for the webauthn library, and cryptographic provider abstraction. This module currently uses OpenSSL as the cryptographic primitive provider.

An implementation of an Ephemeral (in-memory) webauthn configuration provider This stores all challenges and credentials in memory - IE they are lost on service restart. It’s only really useful for demo-sites, testing and as an example/reference implementation of the WebauthnConfig trait.

Possible errors that may occur during Webauthn Operation processing

JSON Protocol Structs and representations for communication with authenticators and clients.