[][src]Struct wayland_protocols::wlr::unstable::screencopy::v1::client::zwlr_screencopy_frame_v1::ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1

pub struct ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1(_);


impl ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

pub fn copy(&self, buffer: &WlBuffer)[src]

copy the frame

Copy the frame to the supplied buffer. The buffer must have a the correct size, see zwlr_screencopy_frame_v1.buffer. The buffer needs to have a supported format.

If the frame is successfully copied, a "flags" and a "ready" events are sent. Otherwise, a "failed" event is sent.

pub fn destroy(&self)[src]

delete this object, used or not

Destroys the frame. This request can be sent at any time by the client.

This is a destructor, you cannot send requests to this object any longer once this method is called.

pub fn copy_with_damage(&self, buffer: &WlBuffer)[src]

copy the frame when it's damaged

Same as copy, except it waits until there is damage to copy.

Only available since version 2 of the interface.

Trait Implementations

impl AsRef<Proxy<ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1>> for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl Clone for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl Eq for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl From<Proxy<ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1>> for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl From<ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1> for Proxy<ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1>[src]

impl Interface for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

type Request = Request

Set of requests associated to this interface Read more

type Event = Event

Set of events associated to this interface Read more

impl PartialEq<ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1> for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl StructuralEq for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for ZwlrScreencopyFrameV1[src]

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