Struct wayland_kbd::ModifiersState [] [src]

pub struct ModifiersState {
    pub ctrl: bool,
    pub alt: bool,
    pub shift: bool,
    pub caps_lock: bool,
    pub logo: bool,
    pub num_lock: bool,

Represents the current state of the keyboard modifiers

Each field of this struct represents a modifier and is true if this modifier is active.

For some modifiers, this means that the key is currently pressed, others are toggled (like caps lock).


The "control" key

The "alt" key

The "shift" key

The "Caps lock" key

The "logo" key

Also known as the "windows" key on most keyboards

The "Num lock" key

Trait Implementations

impl Copy for ModifiersState

impl Clone for ModifiersState

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impl Debug for ModifiersState

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