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Wayland cursor utilities

This crate contains bindings to the libwayland-cursor.so library.

These utilities allow you to load cursor images in order to match your cursors to the ones of the system.

First of all, the function load_theme will allow you to load a CursorTheme, which represents the full cursor theme.

From this theme, you can load a specific Cursor, which can contain several images if the cursor is animated. It also provides you with the means of querying which frame of the animation should be displayed at what time, as well as handles to the buffers containing these frames, to attach them to a wayland surface.



A cursor from a theme. Can contain several images if animated.


A buffer containing a cursor image.


Represents a cursor theme loaded from the system.



Checks if the wayland-cursor library is available and can be used


Attempts to load a cursor theme.