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Common definitions for wayland

This crate hosts common type and traits used to represent wayland messages and routines in the wayland-client and wayland-server crates.

This notably includes the Interface trait, which can exhaustively describe any wayland interface. Its implementations are intended to be generated by the wayland-scanner crate.

The principal user-facing definition provided by this crate is the Implementation trait, which as a user of wayland-client or wayland-server you will be using to define objects able to handle the messages your program receives. Note that this trait is auto-implemented for closures with appropriate signature, for convenience.


Debugging helpers to handle WAYLAND_DEBUG env variable.


Wayland objects map

Wayland socket manipulation

Various utilities used for other implementations

Types and routines used to manipulate arguments from the wire format


Creates a SmallVec containing the arguments.


Stores a value in a threadafe container that only lets you access it from its owning thread


An empty enum representing a MessageGroup with no messages


The description of a wayland interface

A group of messages