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A Wavefront OBJ parser and utility crate.


let model = wavefront::Obj::from_file("tests/ship.obj").unwrap();

for [a, b, c] in model.triangles() {
    // No index lookup required: wavefront handles this for you!
    println!("{:?} {:?} {:?}", a.position(), b.position(), c.position());
A parsec isn't a unit of time, Han


Utilities relating to the OBJ format.


A struct of buffers that may be indexed by Obj vertices.

A group defined in an OBJ.

A struct representing the contents of a parsed OBJ file.

An object defined in an OBJ.

A polygon defined in an OBJ.

A vertex defined in an OBJ.


An error that may be encountered while attempting to parse an OBJ.

Type Definitions

A number used to index into vertex attribute arrays.