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Wasmcloud Weld runtime library

This crate provides code generation and runtime support for wasmcloud rpc messages used by wasmcloud actors and capability providers.


Simple logging for multi-threaded programs that sends all logs through a crossbeam channel to a logging thread. This works with the existing log macros (debug!, etc.), which can be sent by any thread.

common provider wasmbus support


Context - message passing metadata used by wasmhost Actors and Capability Providers

A wasmcloud message

Send wasmbus rpc messages

Client config defines the intended recipient of a message and parameters that transport may use to adapt sending it

Timestamp - represents absolute time in UTC, as non-leap seconds and nanoseconds since the UNIX EPOCH


An error that can occur in the processing of an RPC. This is not request-specific errors but rather cross-cutting errors that can always occur.


This crate’s published version


Transport determines how messages are sent Alternate implementations could be mock-server, or test-fuzz-server / test-fuzz-client


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