Crate wasm_cookies

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pub use cookies::AllDecodeError;
pub use cookies::CookieOptions;
pub use cookies::SameSite;


This module provides the same functions as the root module, but which don’t operate directly on the browser’s cookie string, so it can be used outside a browser.


Error when decoding invalid UTF-8


Returns all cookies, with URI decoded keys and values (with the urlencoding crate), or an error if URI decoding fails on a key or a value.
Returns all cookies, with undecoded keys and values.
Deletes a cookie, URI encoding its name.
Deletes a cookie without encoding its name.
If it exists, returns URI decoded cookie (with the urlencoding crate) or an error if the value’s URI decoding fails.
Returns undecoded cookie if it exists.
Sets a cookie, with URI encoded name and value (with the urlencoding crate).
Sets a cookie, with non encoded name and value.