[][src]Macro wasm_bindgen_test::wasm_bindgen_test_configure

macro_rules! wasm_bindgen_test_configure {
    (run_in_browser $($others:tt)*) => { ... };
    () => { ... };

A macro used to configured how this test is executed by the wasm-bindgen-test-runner harness.

This macro is invoked as:

This example is not tested
wasm_bindgen_test_configure!(foo bar baz);

where all of foo, bar, and baz, would be recognized options to this macro. The currently known options to this macro are:

  • run_in_browser - requires that this test is run in a browser rather than node.js, which is the default for executing tests.

This macro may be invoked at most one time per test suite (an entire binary like tests/foo.rs, not per module)