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This module provides the Warpgrapher engine, with supporting modules for configuration, GraphQL schema generation, resolvers, and interface to the database.


Models and custom GraphQL endpoints.

This module provides a Juniper Context for Warpgrapher GraphQL queries. The context contains a connection pool for the database.

Traits and helper structs for interacting with the graph storage database

This module provides types for event handlers. An event can be any occurrence during query processing to which a client library or application might want to add business logic. Examples include the before or after the creation of a new node.

Contains the input, node, and relationship data structures used for Warpgrapher’s auto-generated CRUD query endpoints. Optionally, these structured are available for use by custom resolver code, as well.

Contains the type aliases, enumerations, and structures to allow for the creation of custom resolvers.

This module provides the GraphQL service implementation. It generates the Juniper root node, and its sub-modules provide schema data structures and resolvers for common create, read, update, and delete operations.

This module provides types for custom input validation


A Warpgrapher GraphQL engine.

Implements the builder pattern for Warpgrapher engines