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Warpgrapher is a framework for developing graph-based API services. Describe the data model for which you want to run a web service. Wargrapher automatically generates a GraphQL schema from the data model, as well as a set of resolvers for basic create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on that data. If you need more more sophisticated endpoints, you can supply your own custom resolvers. Warpgrapher will automatically generate the GraphQL configuration and invoke your custom resolvers when appropriate.

For an introduction and tutorials, see the Warpgrapher Book.

Warpgrapher is published as Cargo Crate.

To browse source code, report issues, or contribute to the project, see the GitHub Repository.


pub use juniper;
pub use client::Client;
pub use engine::config::Configuration;
pub use engine::database::DatabasePool;
pub use engine::value::Value;
pub use engine::Engine;


This module provides the Warpgrapher client.

This module provides the Warpgrapher engine, with supporting modules for configuration, GraphQL schema generation, resolvers, and interface to the database.


Error type for Warpgrapher