Function warp::filters::fs::dir

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pub fn dir(
    path: impl Into<PathBuf>
) -> impl FilterClone<Extract = (File,), Error = Rejection>
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Creates a Filter that serves a directory at the base path joined by the request path.

This can be used to serve “static files” from a directory. By far the most common pattern of serving static files is for GET requests, so this filter automatically includes a GET check.


use warp::Filter;

// Matches requests that start with `/static`,
// and then uses the rest of that path to lookup
// and serve a file from `/www/static`.
let route = warp::path("static")

// For example:
// - `GET /static/app.js` would serve the file `/www/static/app.js`
// - `GET /static/css/app.css` would serve the file `/www/static/css/app.css`