[][src]Function warp::service

pub fn service<F>(filter: F) -> FilteredService<F> where
    F: Filter,
    <F::Future as TryFuture>::Ok: Reply,
    <F::Future as TryFuture>::Error: IsReject, 

Convert a Filter into a Service.

Filters are normally what APIs are built on in warp. However, it can be useful to convert a Filter into a Service, such as if further customizing a hyper::Service, or if wanting to make use of the greater Tower set of middleware.


Running a warp::Filter on a regular hyper::Server:

use std::convert::Infallible;
use warp::Filter;

// Our Filter...
let route = warp::any().map(|| "Hello From Warp!");

// Convert it into a `Service`...
let svc = warp::service(route);

// Typical hyper setup...
let make_svc = hyper::service::make_service_fn(move |_| async move {
    Ok::<_, Infallible>(svc)

hyper::Server::bind(&([127, 0, 0, 1], 3030).into())