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Ware provides mutable and immutable middleware abstractions. Basically, it means that you can pass one variable through a series of functions that all have the ability to modify this variable, therefore sending this modified version of it further down the chain.

Ware is used like this:

use ware::Ware;
use std::ops::{Mul, Sub};

fn main() {
    let mut chain: Ware<i32> = Ware::new();
    chain.wrap(Box::new(|mut num| {
      *num = num.mul(5);
    chain.wrap(Box::new(|mut num| {
      *num = num.sub(2);
    let result =;
    assert_eq!(result, 23);


An immutable version of ware. Does not use RefCells, instead relying on the user to return the modified variable in the closure.


A middleware chain.

Type Definitions

Shorthand version of RefMut<T>, if you don’t want to import RefMut.