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A WARC (Web ARChive) library


Core functions for parsing. Not recommended for direct use.


An associated type indicating the body is buffered within the record.

An associated type indicated the record has a zero-length body.

A header block of a single WARC record as parsed from a data stream.

An iterator of raw records streamed from a reader. See RawRecord for more information.

A single WARC record.

A builder for WARC records from data.

An iterator which returns the records read by a reader.

An associated type indicating the body is streamed from a reader.

An iterator-like type to “stream” records from a reader.

A reader which iteratively parses WARC records from a stream.

A writer which writes records to an output stream.


An error type returned by WARC header parsing.

Represents a WARC header defined by the standard.