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Register simulation for the Wiznet W5500 internet offload chip.

This implements the w5500_ll::Registers trait using std::net sockets to simulate the W5500 on your local PC.

This is a best-effort implementation to aid in development of application code, not all features of the W5500 will be fully simulated.


This is in an early alpha state, there are many todos throughout the code.


  • MR (Mode Register)
    • Wake on LAN
    • Ping block
    • PPPoE mode
    • Force ARP
  • INTLEVEL (Interrupt Low Level Timer Register)
  • IR (Interrupt Register)
  • IMR (Interrupt Mask Register)
  • GAR (Gateway IP Address Register)
  • SUBR (Subnet Mask Register)
  • SHAR (Source Hardware Address Register)
  • SIPR (Source IP Address Register)
  • INTLEVEL (Interrupt Low Level Timer Register)
  • IR (Interrupt Register)
  • IMR (Interrupt Mask Register)
  • SIR (Socket Interrupt Register)
    • Partial; see SN_IR
  • SIMR (Socket Interrupt Mask Register)
  • RTR (Retry Time Register)
  • RCR (Retry Count Register)
  • PTIMER (PPP LCP Request Timer Register)
  • PMAGIC (PPP LCP Magic Number Register)
  • PHAR (PPP Destination MAC Address Register)
  • PSID (PPP Session Identification Register)
  • PMRU (PPP Maximum Segment Size Register)
  • UIPR (Unreachable IP Address Register)
  • UPORT (Unreachable Port Register)
  • PHYCFGR (PHY Configuration Register)
  • SN_MR (Socket n Mode Register)
  • SN_IR (Socket n Interrupt Register)
    • DISCON
    • SENDOK
  • SN_SR (Socket n Status Register)
    • SynSent
    • SynRecv
    • FinWait
    • Closing
    • TimeWait
    • CloseWait
    • LastAck
    • Macraw
  • SN_MSSR (Socket n Maximum Segment Size Register)
  • SN_TOS (Socket n IP TOS Register)
  • SN_TTL (Socket n IP TTL)
  • SN_RXBUF_SIZE (Socket n Receive Buffer Size Register)
  • SN_TXBUF_SIZE (Socket n Transmit Buffer Size Register)
  • SN_IMR (Socket n Interrupt Mask Register)
  • SN_FRAG (Socket n Fragment Offset in IP Header Register)
  • SN_KPALVTR (Socket n Keep Alive Timer Register)

Believe it or not that is not simply a list of all registers.


pub use w5500_ll;


Simulated W5500.


W5500 register setters and getters.