Module vulkano::query

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Gather information about rendering, held in query pools.

In Vulkan, queries are not created individually. Instead you manipulate query pools, which represent a collection of queries. Whenever you use a query, you have to specify both the query pool and the slot id within that query pool.


A reference to a range of queries.
A reference to a single query slot.
Flags that control how a query is to be executed.
For pipeline statistics queries, the statistics that should be gathered.
A collection of one or more queries of a particular type.
Parameters to create a new QueryPool.
Flags to control how the results of a query should be retrieved.


Error that can happen when calling QueriesRange::get_results.
Error that can happen when creating a query pool.
The type of query that a query pool should perform.


A trait for elements of buffers that can be used as a destination for query results.