[][src]Struct vulkano::swapchain::Capabilities

pub struct Capabilities {
    pub min_image_count: u32,
    pub max_image_count: Option<u32>,
    pub current_extent: Option<[u32; 2]>,
    pub min_image_extent: [u32; 2],
    pub max_image_extent: [u32; 2],
    pub max_image_array_layers: u32,
    pub supported_transforms: SupportedSurfaceTransforms,
    pub current_transform: SurfaceTransform,
    pub supported_composite_alpha: SupportedCompositeAlpha,
    pub supported_usage_flags: ImageUsage,
    pub supported_formats: Vec<(Format, ColorSpace)>,
    pub present_modes: SupportedPresentModes,

The capabilities of a surface when used by a physical device.

You have to match these capabilities when you create a swapchain.


min_image_count: u32

Minimum number of images that must be present in the swapchain.

max_image_count: Option<u32>

Maximum number of images that must be present in the swapchain, or None if there is no maximum value. Note that "no maximum" doesn't mean that you can set a very high value, as you may still get out of memory errors.

current_extent: Option<[u32; 2]>

The current dimensions of the surface. None means that the surface's dimensions will depend on the dimensions of the swapchain that you are going to create.

min_image_extent: [u32; 2]

Minimum width and height of a swapchain that uses this surface.

max_image_extent: [u32; 2]

Maximum width and height of a swapchain that uses this surface.

max_image_array_layers: u32

Maximum number of image layers if you create an image array. The minimum is 1.

supported_transforms: SupportedSurfaceTransforms

List of transforms supported for the swapchain.

current_transform: SurfaceTransform

Current transform used by the surface.

supported_composite_alpha: SupportedCompositeAlpha

List of composite alpha modes supports for the swapchain.

supported_usage_flags: ImageUsage

List of image usages that are supported for images of the swapchain. Only the color_attachment usage is guaranteed to be supported.

supported_formats: Vec<(Format, ColorSpace)>

List of formats supported for the swapchain.

present_modes: SupportedPresentModes

List of present modes that are supported. Fifo is always guaranteed to be supported.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Capabilities[src]

impl Debug for Capabilities[src]

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