[][src]Trait vulkano::pipeline::shader::GraphicsEntryPointAbstract

pub unsafe trait GraphicsEntryPointAbstract: EntryPointAbstract {
    type InputDefinition: ShaderInterfaceDef;
    type OutputDefinition: ShaderInterfaceDef;
    fn input(&self) -> &Self::InputDefinition;
fn output(&self) -> &Self::OutputDefinition;
fn ty(&self) -> GraphicsShaderType; }

Associated Types

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Required methods

fn input(&self) -> &Self::InputDefinition

Returns the input attributes used by the shader stage.

fn output(&self) -> &Self::OutputDefinition

Returns the output attributes used by the shader stage.

fn ty(&self) -> GraphicsShaderType

Returns the type of shader.

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impl GraphicsEntryPointAbstract for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

impl<'a, S, I, O, L> GraphicsEntryPointAbstract for GraphicsEntryPoint<'a, S, I, O, L> where
    L: PipelineLayoutDesc,
    I: ShaderInterfaceDef,
    O: ShaderInterfaceDef,
    S: SpecializationConstants

type InputDefinition = I

type OutputDefinition = O

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