[][src]Enum vulkano::pipeline::shader::EmptyEntryPointDummy

pub enum EmptyEntryPointDummy {}

A dummy that implements GraphicsEntryPointAbstract and EntryPointAbstract.

When a function has a signature like: fn foo<S: EntryPointAbstract>(shader: Option<S>), you can pass None::<EmptyEntryPointDummy>.

This object is meant to be a replacement to ! before it is stabilized.

Trait Implementations

impl GraphicsEntryPointAbstract for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

type InputDefinition = EmptyShaderInterfaceDef

type OutputDefinition = EmptyShaderInterfaceDef

impl EntryPointAbstract for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

type PipelineLayout = EmptyPipelineDesc

type SpecializationConstants = ()

impl Clone for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

impl Copy for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

impl Debug for EmptyEntryPointDummy[src]

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