[][src]Enum vulkano::image::MipmapsCount

pub enum MipmapsCount {

Specifies how many mipmaps must be allocated.

Note that at least one mipmap must be allocated, to store the main level of the image.



Allocates the number of mipmaps required to store all the mipmaps of the image where each mipmap is half the dimensions of the previous level. Guaranteed to be always supported.

Note that this is not necessarily the maximum number of mipmaps, as the Vulkan implementation may report that it supports a greater value.


Allocate one mipmap (ie. just the main level). Always supported.


Allocate the given number of mipmaps. May result in an error if the value is out of range of what the implementation supports.

Trait Implementations

impl From<u32> for MipmapsCount[src]

impl Clone for MipmapsCount[src]

impl Copy for MipmapsCount[src]

impl Debug for MipmapsCount[src]

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