[][src]Trait vulkano::framebuffer::RenderPassDescClearValues

pub unsafe trait RenderPassDescClearValues<C> {
    fn convert_clear_values(&self, _: C) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = ClearValue>>;

Extension trait for RenderPassDesc. Defines which types are allowed as a list of clear values.

When the user enters a render pass, they need to pass a list of clear values to apply to the attachments of the framebuffer. To do so, the render pass object or the framebuffer (depending on the function you use) must implement RenderPassDescClearValues<C> where C is the parameter that the user passed. The trait method is then responsible for checking the correctness of these values and turning them into a list that can be processed by vulkano.

Required methods

fn convert_clear_values(&self, _: C) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = ClearValue>>

Decodes a C into a list of clear values where each element corresponds to an attachment. The size of the returned iterator must be the same as the number of attachments.

The format of the clear value must match the format of the attachment. Attachments that are not loaded with LoadOp::Clear must have an entry equal to ClearValue::None.


This trait is unsafe because vulkano doesn't check whether the clear value is in a format that matches the attachment.

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impl RenderPassDescClearValues<()> for EmptySinglePassRenderPassDesc[src]

impl RenderPassDescClearValues<Vec<ClearValue>> for EmptySinglePassRenderPassDesc[src]

impl<C, D> RenderPassDescClearValues<C> for RenderPass<D> where
    D: RenderPassDescClearValues<C>, 

impl<C, Mv, L, Rp> RenderPassDescClearValues<C> for GraphicsPipeline<Mv, L, Rp> where
    Rp: RenderPassDescClearValues<C>, 

impl<C, Rp, A> RenderPassDescClearValues<C> for Framebuffer<Rp, A> where
    Rp: RenderPassDescClearValues<C>, 

impl<T, C> RenderPassDescClearValues<C> for T where
    T: SafeDeref,
    T::Target: RenderPassDescClearValues<C>, 

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