[][src]Trait vulkano::framebuffer::RenderPassCompatible

pub unsafe trait RenderPassCompatible<Other: ?Sized>: RenderPassDesc where
    Other: RenderPassDesc
{ fn is_compatible_with(&self, other: &Other) -> bool; }

Trait implemented on render pass objects to check whether they are compatible with another render pass.

The trait is automatically implemented for all type that implement RenderPassDesc.

Note: This trait exists so that you can specialize it once specialization lands in Rust.

Required methods

fn is_compatible_with(&self, other: &Other) -> bool

Returns true if this layout is compatible with the other layout, as defined in the Render Pass Compatibility section of the Vulkan specs.

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impl<A: ?Sized, B: ?Sized> RenderPassCompatible<B> for A where
    A: RenderPassDesc,
    B: RenderPassDesc

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