[][src]Struct vulkano::framebuffer::RenderPass

pub struct RenderPass<D> { /* fields omitted */ }

Defines the layout of multiple subpasses.

The RenderPass struct should always implement the RenderPassAbstract trait. Therefore you can turn any Arc<RenderPass<D>> into a Arc<RenderPassAbstract + Send + Sync> if you need to.


impl<D> RenderPass<D> where
    D: RenderPassDesc

pub fn new(
    device: Arc<Device>,
    description: D
) -> Result<RenderPass<D>, RenderPassCreationError>

Builds a new render pass.


  • Can panic if it detects some violations in the restrictions. Only inexpensive checks are performed. debug_assert! is used, so some restrictions are only checked in debug mode.

impl RenderPass<EmptySinglePassRenderPassDesc>[src]

pub fn empty_single_pass(
    device: Arc<Device>
) -> Result<RenderPass<EmptySinglePassRenderPassDesc>, RenderPassCreationError>

Builds a render pass with one subpass and no attachment.

This method is useful for quick tests.

impl<D> RenderPass<D>[src]

pub fn granularity(&self) -> [u32; 2][src]

Returns the granularity of this render pass.

If the render area of a render pass in a command buffer is a multiple of this granularity, then the performance will be optimal. Performances are always optimal for render areas that cover the whole framebuffer.

pub fn desc(&self) -> &D[src]

Returns the description of the render pass.

Note: You must not somehow modify the description. This shouldn't be possible anyway if RenderPassDesc was implemented correctly.

Trait Implementations

impl<D> DeviceOwned for RenderPass<D>[src]

impl<D> RenderPassDesc for RenderPass<D> where
    D: RenderPassDesc

impl<D> RenderPassAbstract for RenderPass<D> where
    D: RenderPassDesc

impl<C, D> RenderPassDescClearValues<C> for RenderPass<D> where
    D: RenderPassDescClearValues<C>, 

impl<D> Drop for RenderPass<D>[src]

impl<D> Debug for RenderPass<D> where
    D: Debug

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<D> Send for RenderPass<D> where
    D: Send

impl<D> Sync for RenderPass<D> where
    D: Sync

impl<D> Unpin for RenderPass<D> where
    D: Unpin

impl<D> UnwindSafe for RenderPass<D> where
    D: UnwindSafe

impl<D> RefUnwindSafe for RenderPass<D> where
    D: RefUnwindSafe

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