[][src]Trait vulkano::format::AcceptsPixels

pub unsafe trait AcceptsPixels<T> {
    fn ensure_accepts(&self) -> Result<(), IncompatiblePixelsType>;

    fn rate(&self) -> u32 { ... }

Required methods

fn ensure_accepts(&self) -> Result<(), IncompatiblePixelsType>

Returns an error if T cannot be used as a source of pixels for Self.

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Provided methods

fn rate(&self) -> u32

The number of Ts which make up a single pixel.

use vulkano::format::{AcceptsPixels, R8G8B8A8Srgb};
assert_eq!(<R8G8B8A8Srgb as AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]>>::rate(&R8G8B8A8Srgb), 1);
assert_eq!(<R8G8B8A8Srgb as AcceptsPixels<u8>>::rate(&R8G8B8A8Srgb), 4);


May panic if ensure_accepts would not return Ok(()).

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impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 2]> for R32G32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 3]> for R32G32B32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f32; 4]> for R32G32B32A32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 2]> for R64G64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 3]> for R64G64B64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f64; 4]> for R64G64B64A64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 2]> for R16G16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 2]> for R16G16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 2]> for R16G16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 3]> for R16G16B16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 3]> for R16G16B16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 3]> for R16G16B16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 2]> for R32G32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 3]> for R32G32B32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i32; 4]> for R32G32B32A32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 2]> for R64G64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 3]> for R64G64B64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i64; 4]> for R64G64B64A64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 2]> for R8G8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 2]> for R8G8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 2]> for R8G8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for B8G8R8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for B8G8R8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for B8G8R8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for R8G8B8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for R8G8B8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 3]> for R8G8B8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8SintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8SnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8SscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[i8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 2]> for R16G16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 2]> for R16G16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 2]> for R16G16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 3]> for R16G16B16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 3]> for R16G16B16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 3]> for R16G16B16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 2]> for R32G32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 3]> for R32G32B32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u32; 4]> for R32G32B32A32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 2]> for R64G64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 3]> for R64G64B64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u64; 4]> for R64G64B64A64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 2]> for R8G8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 2]> for R8G8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 2]> for R8G8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 2]> for R8G8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for B8G8R8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for B8G8R8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for B8G8R8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for B8G8R8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for R8G8B8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for R8G8B8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for R8G8B8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 3]> for R8G8B8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8SrgbPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8UintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8UnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for A8B8G8R8UscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for B8G8R8A8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[u8; 4]> for R8G8B8A8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 1]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 2]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 3]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 4]> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 2]> for R16G16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 3]> for R16G16B16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<[f16; 4]> for R16G16B16A16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f32> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f32> for R32G32B32A32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f32> for R32G32B32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f32> for R32G32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f32> for R32Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f64> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f64> for R64G64B64A64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f64> for R64G64B64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f64> for R64G64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f64> for R64Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16A16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16A16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16A16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16B16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16G16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i16> for R16Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i32> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i32> for R32G32B32A32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i32> for R32G32B32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i32> for R32G32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i32> for R32Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i64> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i64> for R64G64B64A64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i64> for R64G64B64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i64> for R64G64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i64> for R64Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for A8B8G8R8SintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for A8B8G8R8SnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for A8B8G8R8SscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8A8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8A8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8A8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for B8G8R8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8A8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8A8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8A8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8B8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8G8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8Sint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8Snorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<i8> for R8Sscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f32,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f32, f32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f32, f32, f32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f32, f32, f32, f32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f64,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f64, f64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f64, f64, f64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f64, f64, f64, f64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i16,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i16, i16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i16, i16, i16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i16, i16, i16, i16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i32,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i32, i32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i32, i32, i32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i32, i32, i32, i32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i64,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i64, i64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i64, i64, i64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i64, i64, i64, i64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i8,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i8, i8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i8, i8, i8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(i8, i8, i8, i8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u16,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u16, u16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u16, u16, u16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u16, u16, u16, u16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u32,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u32, u32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u32, u32, u32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u32, u32, u32, u32)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u64,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u64, u64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u64, u64, u64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u64, u64, u64, u64)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u8,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u8, u8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u8, u8, u8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(u8, u8, u8, u8)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f16,)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f16, f16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f16, f16, f16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<(f16, f16, f16, f16)> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for A1R5G5B5UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for B4G4R4A4UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for B5G5R5A1UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for B5G6R5UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16A16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16A16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16A16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16B16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16G16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R16Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R4G4B4A4UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R5G5B5A1UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u16> for R5G6B5UnormPack16[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10SintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10SnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10SscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10UintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10UnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2B10G10R10UscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10SintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10SnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10SscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10UintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10UnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for A2R10G10B10UscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for B10G11R11UfloatPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for E5B9G9R9UfloatPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for R32G32B32A32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for R32G32B32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for R32G32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u32> for R32Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u64> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u64> for R64G64B64A64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u64> for R64G64B64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u64> for R64G64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u64> for R64Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for A8B8G8R8SrgbPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for A8B8G8R8UintPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for A8B8G8R8UnormPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for A8B8G8R8UscaledPack32[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x10SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x10UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x5SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x5UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x6SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x6UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x8SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_10x8UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_12x10SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_12x10UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_12x12SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_12x12UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_4x4SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_4x4UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_5x4SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_5x4UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_5x5SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_5x5UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_6x5SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_6x5UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_6x6SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_6x6UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x5SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x5UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x6SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x6UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x8SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ASTC_8x8UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8A8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8A8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8A8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8A8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for B8G8R8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC1_RGBASrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC1_RGBAUnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC1_RGBSrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC1_RGBUnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC2SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC2UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC3SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC3UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC4SnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC4UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC5SnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC5UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC6HSfloatBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC6HUfloatBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC7SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for BC7UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for EAC_R11G11SnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for EAC_R11G11UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for EAC_R11SnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for EAC_R11UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8A1SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8A1UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8A8SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8A8UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8SrgbBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for ETC2_R8G8B8UnormBlock[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R4G4UnormPack8[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8A8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8A8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8A8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8A8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8B8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8G8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8Srgb[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8Uint[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8Unorm[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<u8> for R8Uscaled[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f16> for Format[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f16> for R16G16B16A16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f16> for R16G16B16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f16> for R16G16Sfloat[src]

impl AcceptsPixels<f16> for R16Sfloat[src]

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