[][src]Trait vulkano::descriptor::pipeline_layout::PipelineLayoutSuperset

pub unsafe trait PipelineLayoutSuperset<Other: ?Sized>: PipelineLayoutDesc where
    Other: PipelineLayoutDesc
{ fn ensure_superset_of(
        _: &Other
    ) -> Result<(), PipelineLayoutNotSupersetError>; }

Traits that allow determining whether a pipeline layout is a superset of another one.

This trait is automatically implemented on all types that implement PipelineLayoutAbstract. TODO: once specialization lands, we can add implementations that don't perform deep comparisons

Required methods

fn ensure_superset_of(
    _: &Other
) -> Result<(), PipelineLayoutNotSupersetError>

Makes sure that self is a superset of Other. Returns an Err if this is not the case.

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impl<T: ?Sized, U: ?Sized> PipelineLayoutSuperset<U> for T where
    T: PipelineLayoutDesc,
    U: PipelineLayoutDesc

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