[][src]Struct vulkano::descriptor::descriptor_set::UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout

pub struct UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout { /* fields omitted */ }

Describes to the Vulkan implementation the layout of all descriptors within a descriptor set.

Despite its name, this type is technically not unsafe. However it serves the same purpose in the API as other types whose names start with Unsafe. Using the same naming scheme avoids confusions.


impl UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout[src]

pub fn new<I>(
    device: Arc<Device>,
    descriptors: I
) -> Result<UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout, OomError> where
    I: IntoIterator<Item = Option<DescriptorDesc>>, 

Builds a new UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout with the given descriptors.

The descriptors must be passed in the order of the bindings. In order words, descriptor at bind point 0 first, then descriptor at bind point 1, and so on. If a binding must remain empty, you can make the iterator yield None for an element.

pub fn descriptors_count(&self) -> &DescriptorsCount[src]

Returns the number of descriptors of each type.

Trait Implementations

impl DeviceOwned for UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout[src]

impl VulkanObject for UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout[src]

type Object = DescriptorSetLayout

The type of the object.

impl Drop for UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout[src]

impl Debug for UnsafeDescriptorSetLayout[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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