[][src]Struct vulkano::descriptor::descriptor_set::StdDescriptorPool

pub struct StdDescriptorPool { /* fields omitted */ }

Standard implementation of a descriptor pool.

It is guaranteed that the Arc<StdDescriptorPool> is kept alive by its allocations. This is desirable so that we can store a Weak<StdDescriptorPool>.

Whenever a set is allocated, this implementation will try to find a pool that has some space for it. If there is one, allocate from it. If there is none, create a new pool whose capacity is 40 sets and 40 times the requested descriptors. This number is arbitrary.


impl StdDescriptorPool[src]

pub fn new(device: Arc<Device>) -> StdDescriptorPool[src]

Builds a new StdDescriptorPool.

Trait Implementations

impl DeviceOwned for StdDescriptorPool[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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