[][src]Enum vulkano::descriptor::descriptor::DescriptorDescSupersetError

pub enum DescriptorDescSupersetError {
    ArrayTooSmall {
        len: u32,
        required: u32,
    DimensionsMismatch {
        provided: DescriptorImageDescDimensions,
        expected: DescriptorImageDescDimensions,
    FormatMismatch {
        provided: Option<Format>,
        expected: Format,
    MultisampledMismatch {
        provided: bool,
        expected: bool,
    IncompatibleArrayLayers {
        provided: DescriptorImageDescArray,
        required: DescriptorImageDescArray,

Error when checking whether a descriptor is a superset of another one.



The number of array elements of the descriptor is smaller than expected.

Fields of ArrayTooSmall

len: u32required: u32

The descriptor type doesn't match the type of the other descriptor.


The descriptor is marked as read-only, but the other is not.


The shader stages are not a superset of one another.


Fields of DimensionsMismatch

provided: DescriptorImageDescDimensionsexpected: DescriptorImageDescDimensions

Fields of FormatMismatch

provided: Option<Format>expected: Format

Fields of MultisampledMismatch

provided: boolexpected: bool

Fields of IncompatibleArrayLayers

provided: DescriptorImageDescArrayrequired: DescriptorImageDescArray

Trait Implementations

impl From<ShaderStagesSupersetError> for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl Clone for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl Eq for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl PartialEq<DescriptorDescSupersetError> for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl Display for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl Debug for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl StructuralEq for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

impl Error for DescriptorDescSupersetError[src]

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