[][src]Function vulkano::command_buffer::validity::check_copy_image

pub fn check_copy_image<S: ?Sized, D: ?Sized>(
    device: &Device,
    source: &S,
    source_offset: [i32; 3],
    source_base_array_layer: u32,
    source_mip_level: u32,
    destination: &D,
    destination_offset: [i32; 3],
    destination_base_array_layer: u32,
    destination_mip_level: u32,
    extent: [u32; 3],
    layer_count: u32
) -> Result<(), CheckCopyImageError> where
    S: ImageAccess,
    D: ImageAccess

Checks whether a copy image command is valid.

Note that this doesn't check whether layer_count is equal to 0. TODO: change that?


  • Panics if the source or the destination was not created with device.