[][src]Struct vulkano::command_buffer::sys::KindSecondaryRenderPass

pub struct KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> {
    pub subpass: Subpass<R>,
    pub framebuffer: Option<F>,

Additional information for Kind::Secondary.


subpass: Subpass<R>

Which subpass this secondary command buffer can be called from.

framebuffer: Option<F>

The framebuffer object that will be used when calling the command buffer. This parameter is optional and is an optimization hint for the implementation.

Trait Implementations

impl<R: Clone, F: Clone> Clone for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F>[src]

impl<R: Debug, F: Debug> Debug for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<R, F> Send for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> where
    F: Send,
    R: Send

impl<R, F> Sync for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> where
    F: Sync,
    R: Sync

impl<R, F> Unpin for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> where
    F: Unpin,
    R: Unpin

impl<R, F> UnwindSafe for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> where
    F: UnwindSafe,
    R: UnwindSafe

impl<R, F> RefUnwindSafe for KindSecondaryRenderPass<R, F> where
    F: RefUnwindSafe,
    R: RefUnwindSafe

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