[][src]Trait vulkano::command_buffer::pool::CommandPoolBuilderAlloc

pub unsafe trait CommandPoolBuilderAlloc: DeviceOwned {
    type Alloc: CommandPoolAlloc;
    fn inner(&self) -> &UnsafeCommandPoolAlloc;
fn into_alloc(self) -> Self::Alloc;
fn queue_family(&self) -> QueueFamily; }

A command buffer allocated from a pool and that can be recorded.


See CommandPool for information about safety.

Associated Types

type Alloc: CommandPoolAlloc

Return type of into_alloc.

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Required methods

fn inner(&self) -> &UnsafeCommandPoolAlloc

Returns the internal object that contains the command buffer.

fn into_alloc(self) -> Self::Alloc

Turns this builder into a command buffer that is pending execution.

fn queue_family(&self) -> QueueFamily

Returns the queue family that the pool targets.

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