[][src]Module vulkano::swapchain::display

Allows you to create surfaces that fill a whole display, outside of the windowing system.

As far as the author knows, no existing device supports these features. Therefore the code here is mostly a draft and needs rework in both the API and the implementation.

The purpose of the objects in this module is to let you create a Surface object that represents a location on the screen. This is done in four steps:

  • Choose a Display where the surface will be located. A Display represents a display display, usually a monitor. The available displays can be enumerated with Display::enumerate.
  • Choose a DisplayMode, which is the combination of a display, a resolution and a refresh rate. You can enumerate the modes available on a display with Display::display_modes, or attempt to create your own mode with TODO.
  • Choose a DisplayPlane. A display can show multiple planes in a stacking fashion.
  • Create a Surface object with Surface::from_display_mode and pass the chosen DisplayMode and DisplayPlane.



Represents a monitor connected to a physical device.


Represents a mode on a specific display.