Protocol buffers generated by


Axis-aligned Bounding Box.

An endpoint to a client’s connection.

The direction this entity is looking at.

Serializable struct representing block data.

A set of utility functions for block operations.

An ECS system to pipeline chunks through different phases of generation.

Protocol buffer compatible chunk data structure.

A list of chunks that the entity is requesting to generate.

A set of utility functions for chunk operations.

A manager for all chunks in the Voxelize world.

A client of the server.

A flag for clients in the world.

Send message to specific world

New chat session is created

The direction this entity is looking at.

Session is disconnected

Takes all the metadata components, and saves them into the world saving directory by their ID’s.

A flag for entities (animals) in the world.

Protocol buffer compatible entity data structure.

A preset chunk stage to set a flat land.

Protocol buffer compatible geometry data structure.

A preset chunk stage to calculate the chunk’s height map.

What makes an entity physical in Voxelize.

Node of a light propagation queue.

A set of utility functions for light operations.

A set of utility functions to simulate global illumination in a Voxelize world.

Protocol buffer compatible mesh data structure.

A meshing helper to mesh chunks.

Builder for a protocol buffer message.

A list of chunks that the entity is requesting to generate.

N-dimensional array stored in a 1D array.

Multi-fractal noise parameters.

Idiomatic builder pattern for NoiseParams.

Protocol buffer compatible peer data structure.

A pipeline where chunks are initialized and generated.

The direction this entity is positioned.

A collection of blocks to use in a Voxelize server. One server has one registry and one registry only. Once a registry is added to a server, it cannot be changed.

A physical body in the Voxelize world.

Builder pattern for RigidBody.

What makes an entity physical in Voxelize.

World-wide K-dimensional tree for fast positional querying

Seeded noise of Voxelize. Use this to get consistent results with seed!

Seeded simplex noise for Voxelize.

A seeded layered terrain for Voxelize world generation.

A websocket server for Voxelize, holds all worlds data, and runs as a background system service.

Builder for a voxelize server.

A data structure used in Voxelize to access voxel data of multiple chunks at the same time. Centered with one chunk, a Space allows developers to know what’s around a chunk.

A data structure to build a space.

What kind of data does this space have/need?

Parameters of constructing a Space data structure.

Spline graph of Voxelize. Used to map noise values to custom values.

A general statistical manager of Voxelize.

A layer to the terrain. Consists of two spline graphs: height bias and height offset graphs. Height bias is how much terrain should be compressed as y-coordinate increases, and height offset is by how much should the entire terrain shift up and down.

Serializable struct representing a UV coordinate.

Protobuf buffer compatible update data structure.

Vector2 implementation for Voxelize.

Vector3 implementation for Voxelize.

A voxelize world.

World configuration, storing information of how a world is constructed.

Builder for a world configuration.


Block rotation enumeration. There are 6 possible rotations: (px, nx, py, ny, pz, nz). Default rotation is PY.

A filter for clients, used for specific broadcasting.

Enum of light colors.



A stage in the pipeline where a chunk gets populated.


Decode protocol buffers into a message struct.

The default client metadata parser, parses PositionComp and DirectionComp, and updates RigidBodyComp.

Encode message into protocol buffers.

Type Definitions