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Voro++, a 3D cell-based Voronoi library

Voro++ is a software library for carrying out three-dimensional computations of the Voronoi tessellation. A distinguishing feature of the Voro++ library is that it carries out cell-based calculations, computing the Voronoi cell for each particle individually, rather than computing the Voronoi tessellation as a global network of vertices and edges. It is particularly well-suited for applications that rely on cell-based statistics, where features of Voronoi cells (eg. volume, centroid, number of faces) can be used to analyze a system of particles.

For a general overview of the program, see the Voro++ website at http://math.lbl.gov/voro++/ and in particular the example programs at http://math.lbl.gov/voro++/examples/ that demonstrate many of the library's features.

Voro++ is written in C++ and this rust crate provides API bindings to a limited subset of the voro++ library.



A single Voronoi cell, without neighbor information.


A single Voronoi cell, with neighbor information.



Methods which are common to both variants of Voronoi cells.