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This module contains the functions, types and structs of the crate.


Information about an available dictionary

Grammar error

Error hyphenating a string

Error in initializing libvoikko

A sentence

Tokenization unit

A Voikko instance


Type of a following sentence

A spell check return value

Type of token returned by [analyze()]


Get a list of available dictionaries. Returns a vector of Dictionary structs.

Same as list_supported_spelling_languages() but for grammar checking.

Same as list_supported_spelling_languages() but for hyphenation.

Return a list of language codes representing the languages for which at least one dictionary is available for spell checking. The codes conform to those specified in BCP 47. Typically the returned codes consist of only BCP 47 language subtags. They may also include tags in format Language-Script, Language-Region, or Language-Script-Region if such variants are widely used for a particular language.

Returns the version number of libvoikko.

Type Definitions

A morphological analysis item