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Emulation for legacy devices.

For now, it offers emulation support only for the Linux serial console, an Arm PL031 Real Time Clock (RTC), and an i8042 PS/2 controller that only handles the CPU reset.

It also provides a Trigger interface for an object that can generate an event.


pub use i8042::I8042Device;
pub use rtc_pl031::Rtc;
pub use rtc_pl031::RtcState;
pub use serial::Serial;
pub use serial::SerialState;


Provides emulation for a super minimal i8042 controller.

Provides emulation for a minimal ARM PL031 Real Time Clock.

Provides emulation for Linux serial console.


Abstraction for a simple, push-button like interrupt mechanism. This helps in abstracting away how events/interrupts are generated when working with the emulated devices.