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  • Implements a simple parser and extractor for a Unix Archive.
  • Binary container size information and byte-order context
  • The generic ELF module, which gives access to ELF constants and other helper functions, which are independent of ELF bithood. Also defines an Elf struct which implements a unified parser that returns a wrapped Elf64 or Elf32 binary.
  • The ELF 32-bit struct definitions and associated values, re-exported for easy “type-punning”
  • The ELF 64-bit struct definitions and associated values, re-exported for easy “type-punning”
  • A custom Goblin error
  • The Mach-o, mostly zero-copy, binary format parser and raw struct definitions
  • A PE32 and PE32+ parser
  • A byte-offset based string table. Commonly used in ELF binaries, Unix archives, and even PE binaries.


  • Information obtained from a peek Hint


  • A hint at the underlying binary format for 16 bytes of arbitrary data
  • A parseable object that we understands


  • Peeks at the underlying Read object. Requires the underlying bytes to have at least 16 byte length. Resets the seek to Start after reading.
  • Peeks at bytes, and returns a Hint