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Library to display images in the terminal.

This library contains functionality extracted from the viu crate. It aims to provide an easy to use interface to print images in the terminal. Uses some abstractions provided by the image crate. Both the Kitty and iTerm graphic protocols are supported. By default, they are used if detected. If not, viuer will fallback to using regular half blocks instead (▄ and ▀).

Basic Usage

The example below shows how to print the image img.jpg in 40x30 terminal cells, with vertical offset of 4 and horizontal of 10, starting from the top left corner. More options are available through the Config struct.

use viuer::{Config, print_from_file};
let conf = Config {
    width: Some(40),
    height: Some(30),
    x: 10,
    y: 4,
// will resize the image to fit in 40x30 terminal cells and print it
print_from_file("img.jpg", &conf).expect("Image printing failed.");


Configuration struct to customize printing behaviour.


The extend to which the Kitty graphics protocol can be used.

Custom error enum for viuing operations


Returns the terminal’s support for the Kitty graphics protocol.

Returns the terminal’s support for the iTerm graphics protocol.

Default printing method. Uses either iTerm or Kitty graphics protocol, if supported, and half blocks otherwise.

Helper method that reads a file, tries to decode it and prints it.

Resize a image::DynamicImage so that it fits within optional width and height bounds. If none are provided, terminal size is used instead.

Try to get the terminal size. If unsuccessful, fallback to a default (80x24).

Type Definitions

Custom result type for error-prone operations