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A fast and easy to use library for html parsing & node selecting & node mutation, suitable for web scraping and html confusion.


  • Easy to use: APIs are very closed to jQuery, most APIs you just need change the name from camelCase to snake_case.
  • Standard css selectors: e.g. #id, .class, p, [attr~=value], :nth-child(odd), :nth-of-type(n), :not, other jQuery-only selectors are supported too, such as :contains, :header and so on.
  • Useful API methods: e.g. find, filter, has, is, not, add, closest, map and so on.
  • Content mutations: set_html, set_text can also called by text nodes, external methods such as append_textprepend_text are supported.
  • Well tested: the unit tests have covered most cases, but if you meet any bugs or questions, welcome to submit issues or PR to us.



Vis: Entry struct of the mesdoc’s api.